Corgi Wheels - Where to Find

Corgi-Aid – Seattle, WA – Email: |                                                                  CorgiAid is a small volunteer-run operation and a government-blessed 501(c)3 charity. They have a cart loan program with application, a large amount of information related to carts and recommendations for companies to use.

Dewey’s Wheelchairs for Dogs                                                                                    Provides recommendations on carts available and has a "Best of List".

Ruff Rollin’ - Bozeman, MT – 877-390-7833 | |                                                       Ruff Rollin has many years of experience in the cart industry. They make a soft-saddle cart and have a good front-extension option, making it a good choice for corgis with DM.

Doggon Wheels – Woodland WA – 360-225-8844 |                                                                             A quality wheelchair made of tubing, clamps, and straps. They are custom made and very versatile. As one of the original cart manufacturers, they have a long and positive track record.

K9Carts West – Freeland WA – 800-578-6960 | Email: |                                      High-quality wheelchair, modern and up-to-date. A good website with lots of information. They have a full line of products and a faithful following.

K9Carts East – Oxford, MD – 866-K9-Carts | 866-592-2787 |                                                            Dr. Parks, a retired veterinary surgeon was actually the inventor of the dog wheelchair and received the first patent. His chair looks a little antiquated with lots of tubing, clips, and straps but it appears to be a quality product.

Walkin’ Pets – Amherst, NH – 888-253-0777 | West Coast 818-698-7387 |  Excellent, informative website. Expert customer service. Available on their website, Amazon, Walmart, other. A broad range of products. Features their “Pet Wheelchair Sizing Wizard. Top-rated with high customer reviews. One of the biggest benefits is that it can be shipped the same day and adjusted to your dog without tools.

Eddie’s Wheels – Shelburne, MA – |                 Custom made carts of the highest quality. They build dog wheelchairs to exact specifications of your dog. Highly accurate, made in the USA.

Best Friend Mobility – Little River, SC – 843-492-5283 |                                                             A low-cost wheelchair is available on Amazon. Comes unassembled with poor instructions. No apparent customer service. Although they have a lot of good reviews on Amazon,, an independent review analysis company reports that they are highly suspicious reviews.

Huggie Carts – Email: |                                                                    These chairs are relatively new and look very basic. Definitely a “no Frills” dog wheelchair. The website does not give an address and has grammatical errors and typos.

*Comments and Ratings were pulled from other "Cart Review Sites" and not the opinions of the Portland Corgi Meet-up Group.